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Master Service Companies Case Studies: Push Piers and Polyfoam in Knoxville, TN

Monday, November 6th, 2017 by Scott Keith


The Pemmbrooke Condominium was constructed in 1998. The condo is approximately 75 feet by 40 feet. The all brick structure is supported by a concrete footer with a non-attached concrete slab floor throughout the unit. Upon preparation for sale, a detailed engineering evaluation revealed settling in the home of up to 4 inches. Numerous slab cracks of greater than 1 inch were evident upon removal of the existing carpet and tile. Drywall cracks were apparent above doors and in the master bathroom. The current owners have hired a general contractor that is requesting the structure to be stabilized and possibly lifted. It is also suggested that Polyfoam is incorporated throughout the floor slab to fill any existing voids and accomplish leveling.


Master Dry installed a total of 16 Push Piers to depths ranging from 17 to 38 feet. The Push Piers were installed along the exterior footer from the front of the condo continuing the length of the structure to wrap the adjacent rear corner. The piers were spaced 2 feet off the corners with each additional pier being spaced 6 feet from one another.  The piers were installed to the appropriate depth and pressure, thus on more stable ground. A foundation brace was attached to the installed over, and then to the footer of the building. This took the weight of the building off of the unstable soil and transferred it through the piers and to the more stable ground. The condo was lifted 3 inches and permanently stabilized. 1,872 square feet of the floor slab was leveled with the use of our PolyLyft foam.

The building was brought to stable ground permanently, and the sale was able to move forward. 

Project Summary

General Contractor: Gary Blunt

Certified Pier Installer: Master Dry, Knoxville, TN


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