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Master Service Companies Case Studies: Laurel Bloomery, TN - SmartJacks and Dehumidifier Installed in Crawl Space

Friday, July 8th, 2016 by Molly McCormick


A homeowner in Laurel Bloomery, TN was experiencing water in their crawl space. After adding a new addition to their home they noticed the water that had been gathering. They tried different solutions to solve the issue, however they found that the problem was too advanced and sought the help of Master Dry. The crawl space had sitting water that was being caused by was being drained directly outside the crawl space, and an exposed dirt floor allowed water to seep up from the ground. The water and humidity was also causing the wooden floor joists to rot - causing the home's floors to sag. 


The project began by removing the stacked rocks and wooden beams that were being used to hold up the rotten floor joists. These were replaced with a SmartJack system after new floor joists were installed to replace the rotten ones. Then a WaterGuard system was installed around the perimeter of the crawlspace; this leads to a sump pump to pump the water out of the space. Then an entire CleanSpace Encapsulation system was installed - this included: CleanSpace Drainage Matting, CleanSpace Liner, and CleanSpace Light. This system ensures a waterproof barrier as well as giving the space a clean, sleek appearance. Lastly, a LawnScape drainage outlet was installed to prevent rainwater from being drained directly beside the crawl space. 


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