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Master Service Companies Case Studies: Sidewalk Restored to Original Condition at Knoxville, TN Business

Monday, November 6th, 2017 by Alia Carangelo


Knoxville resident Zack S. was becoming more and more frustrated with the cracked and sinking sidewalk at his commercial property. A large part of slab had settled at least two inches, causing a safety hazard and an eyesore to both customers and staff. Zack was eager to resolve the issue quickly without causing major destruction to the site, so he called the professionals at Master Dry.

Master Dry Sales representative Jimmy Lones sat down with Zack and designed a plan that would lift the settled sidewalk at a reasonable cost while ensuring no destruction. 


Primary Foreman Sam Stansbury and his team began the project by installing Slab Piers under the settled slab to stabilize and lift it to its original position. Next, they sealed the restored concrete with caulk to blend the cracks and to ensure a permanent fix. There was little to no mess, and the sidewalk was useable within 20 minutes of the repair. 

Zack was thrilled with the result and was able to keep his business open throughout the process. 

Project Summary

Primary Foreman: Sam Stansbury

Sales Rep: Jimmy Lones


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