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Master Service Companies Case Studies: Helical Pier System Installed Plus PolyLevel Slab Repair in Corryton, TN

Monday, November 6th, 2017 by Ashley Job


Marvin and Mary of Corryton, TN called Master Service Companies after they could no longer ignore the large cracks in their drive-way and basement. The left side of the concrete had settled at least two inches, creating a risk to the foundation of the rest of the home. A large crack had also developed through the center leading up to the garage. The brick walls were also beginning to separate. Master Dry sales representative, James Anthony, came to Marvin and Mary’s house to assess the situation and speak with them about solutions that Master Dry could provide.

After a thorough inspection, Anthony determined that the home’s shifting foundation was the root cause of the concrete and foundation issues. In order to alleviate the situation, Helical Piers and PolyLevel would need to be used. 


To begin the repair, Primary Foreman Daniel Cline and his team installed a Helical Pier system. To install the pier system the team dug directly beside the home and used professional equipment to drill the piers into the ground. The piers are drilled into the ground until they hit the bedrock layer of the earth. Drilling to this depth is necessary because of its stability and strength. After the piers are at the proper depth, the foundation brackets are attached to the top of the pier, and then placed underneath the footer os the house. This transfers the weight of the home from the unstable soil, through the piers, and to the bedrock layer of the ground. The piers were installed approximately 9 feet from each other down the length of the home.

Next, Primary Foreman Sam Stansbury initiated the Poly Slab Repair. After installing polyfoam under the concrete, filling any voids, he filled and sealed the existing cracks with a silicone based caulking substance. The caulking is waterproof, preventing water from sinking below the slab and washing out any soil. The concrete is now stable and will remain that way for the remainder of the home’s life.

Marvin and Mary were thrilled with their results. If you are frustrated with your homes foundation, call Master Service Company for a free inspection and quote today!


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