Cafe Why: The Coffee Shop That Keeps On Giving

Friday, November 4th, 2016 by Ashley Job

Since moving to the East Tennessee Region nearly eight years ago, Master Service Companies has been involved in countless service projects and non- profit organizations. Our team of employees has embodied our company’s mission to serve our community, and it is evident in the way we treat our customers. This continuous dedication to giving back inspired our owner, Josh Smith, to do something radical.

To show his appreciation, Josh wanted to develop something that would incorporate our dedication to giving back into our new facility. His main goal was to give employees an everyday reminder of the importance of their community service, along with our WHY: to be a unique service company that radically serves our community.

Kathryn Ann and Cassidy in front of The Snack Shop Cafe Why The Coffee Shop That Keeps On Giving - Image 2

Over the past few months, the management team at Master Service Companies has been working hard to make Josh’s idea come to life. After discussing various possibilities, they developed an idea for a coffee shop, located within our new facility, that would express our mission to serve our humbling community.

The newly introduced coffee shop, appropriately named “Café Why,” provides a cozy, coffee shop atmosphere where employees can eat lunch, make coffee, grab a snack and mingle with other team members. The theme of the café is founded upon our philanthropic mission of giving back. The walls are sprinkled with photos of our employees participating in various service projects, along with a world map, which highlights various locations all over the world where our employees have done service.

Café Why not only benefits our employees, but also our community. Community Ambassador Kathryn Ann Holt and Accounting Assistant Cassidy Gargiulo teamed up to create the giving back “snack shop.” Here, employees can buy food or drinks at a reasonable price, with all proceeds going to a local non-profit. Also, Master Service Companies matches every dollar raised, providing the non- profit with twice the revenue.

Cafe Why The Coffee Shop That Keeps On Giving - Image 3

Cassidy and Kathryn Ann are thrilled with this project, and are excited to see the difference it makes in our community.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the way things turned out,” Cassidy says. “We are so excited to use this new addition as a way to continue our mission in taking radical strides to serve our community.”

The snack shop offers granola bars, candy bars, chips, gum, pastries, cookies, a various selection of drinks, and much more. The snack shop has accumulated nearly $1,000 since its creation, and is only expected to grow.

Master Service Companies strives to “always do the right thing” in every aspect of our work. We are so excited to continue this mantra throughout our workplace! 



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