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Foundation Repair Products Near Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City

MasterDry specializes in designing permanent foundation repair solutions for your property. If your home is exhibiting cracked brick, uneven floors, or any of the 12 signs of foundation damage, contact MasterDry for a free inspection and estimate.

Our line-up of products includes:

I-Beam wall braces

An alternate method to stabilize/straighten bowed and cracked walls that we use when property lines are too tight to for wall anchors.

Wall anchors

A fast, cost-effective way to stabilize and sometimes straighten bowed, cracked, or bulging walls with minimal disruption.

SmartJacks ™

Used to raise sagging beams and floor joists – and the floors they support -- to their original position.

Foundation piers

MasterDry offers both push piers and helical piers to repair and re-level settled foundations.

Slab piers

We also offer piers designed for raising and leveling concrete slabs – indoors or outside.

Carbon fiber reinforcement

A low-cost, unobtrusive way to stabilize bowed, cracked or bulging walls.

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Your MasterDry foundation specialist will explain the issues affecting your home's foundation and will recommend a customized solution.

MasterDry foundation repair products offer Eastern Tennessee homeowners access to the most advanced technology in foundation repair. MasterDry foundation repair products adhere to the highest industry standards and are fully compliant with local building codes. MasterDry also includes a written manufacturer's warranty as well as a performance warranty after every installation.

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