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No matter how young or old a home is, cracks are common in concrete, and many of them aren't a problem. Concrete can develop smaller hairline cracks as it cures-- and it can continue to cure for many years after the home is built.

When cracks appear, the foundation repair specialists at Master Dry are here to help. We are trained and ready to help you evaluate the cracks in your foundation walls. For a free foundation repair quote, call or e-mail us today! We serve Knoxville & all of Eastern Tennessee.

Before and After
  • Foundation Repair in Hampton, TN
    Foundation Repair in Hampton, TN

    Uneven foundations can cause cracks like in this before picture! Cracks can be caused by soil erosion or settling of the home.

    This home in Hampton, TN called Master Dry to take a look at their home because the family noticed the floor of the living room was uneven. The door frame was bent and crooked. Rather than waiting to let the home repair itself, the family called a master to lift their home up using helical piers and repair the damage of the home.

    Not only is the home repaired from previous damage, the use of piers will reinforce the home from settling again. 

  • Restoring Un-Level Foundations in Sevierville, TN
    Restoring Un-Level Foundations in Sevierville, TN

    Master Dry can permanently correct foundation settlement problems with our foundation piers. Our foundation piers are so strong, that they can even be used in place of a conventional foundation in new construction! By drilling under the home down to stronger soils, Master Dry foundation piers are designed to transfer the load of your home to the more stable soils or potentially the bedrock deep beneath your home. A fine-tuning of the piers placed around the settled part of the foundation, will bring the house to level closing the visible cracks as in the photos shown here.

    Learn more about how we can restore your settled, cracked, and un-level foundations with foundation piers and get a free quote today!

  • Filling Void with Poly in Newcomb, TN
    Filling Void with Poly in Newcomb, TN

    Voids under your foundation can be the cause of many settling issues. Master Dry sprays a 150 degree Poly foam into the void, which then lifts and reinforces the foundation, sidewalk, or porch. 

    Because Poly is resistant to water and soil erosion, this home in Newcomb, TN can rest assured that their foundation will not settle again!

  • Repair a Sunken Cracked Driveway in Knoxville, TN
    Repair a Sunken Cracked Driveway in Knoxville, TN

    Through the process of "slab jacking" Master Dry can actually raise your concrete driveway or basement floor back to its original position. This process is usually a fraction of the cost of pouring a new slab or driveway!

  • Plate Anchor Wall System Installation in Knoxville, TN
    Plate Anchor Wall System Installation in Knoxville, TN

    Plate anchor wall systems provide an alternative method to the expensive and disruptive task of rebuilding or replacing damaged foundation walls.  Our wall anchor system reaches well away from the foundation to use the stability of the soil as an anchor preventing further bowing of the inside wall.  Learn more about these Wall Anchor products and get a free quote here.

If you find a crack in your foundation and you're not sure if it's problematic, follow these three simple guidelines:

Foundation wall crack in Knoxville

1. Monitor the Foundation Wall Crack

In many cases, the foundation wall crack has been there for quite some time and hasn't happened overnight. However, it's important to treat each foundation crack you find as a potentially serious problem. Your first step should always to be to consult a foundation repair professional for an inspection.

Monitor any cracks you find regularly. If you suspect that the crack is moving, spreading, or widening, then this is a strong indication that you have a problem. In this case, your basement or crawl space could be experiencing a foundation settlement issue, which will lead to increased damage to the home over time.

Keep an eye on the crack by marking the ends of the crack with a pencil. Then, draw several straight "alignment" marks along the width crack, recording the date next to every mark. If you find that the ends of the lines don't meet along the crack, then this may indicate the crack is not shifting evenly, and a foundation repair professional should be contacted.

Water leaking from a crack in a foundation wall in Knoxville

2. Keep an Eye out for Water Leakage

Foundation wall cracks can sometimes develop leakage, as groundwater invades from around your foundation. This can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient for homeowners, leading many of them to try to plug the crack with epoxy injection.

When epoxy hardens, it forms a strong bond in the concrete, hardening into a rigid seal. However, foundation walls shift and expand with moisture levels and temperature. When the wall moves, the epoxy cannot.

In the end, one of two things will happen, the epoxy breaks loose or a new crack forms in the wall.

Leaking foundation wall cracks do not necessarily mean that a more serious foundation problem is present- some leaking wall cracks are not due to a structural issue at all. However, it's certainly worth having a contractor inspect and repair these wall cracks. Most home wall crack repair methods-- such as epoxy, urethane, hydraulic cement, and caulk-- are not effective ways to eliminate this water.

3. Call MasterDry: Your Greater Knoxville Professional Structural & Foundation Repair Expert

If you do have a structural problem in your Greater Knoxville home, it's very important that you repair it as soon as possible. If a foundation issue is identified early enough, it should be possible to repair the problem without digging out the foundation and rebuilding the structure. This is a much less costly, invasive, and time-consuming foundation repair, so it's important to catch the problem as soon as you can.

Additionally, repairing the foundation without rebuilding it will address the problem that caused the foundation issue. Rebuilding the foundation replaces the failed foundation wall with a new one - one that faces the same conditions that destroyed the original wall.

Here at MasterDry, we use a variety of foundation repair products, including wall anchors and foundation piers. When our professionals meet with you, they can identify and explain the nature of your problem, suggest a solution, and explain why this solution will lead to lasting results for your home.

In Tennessee, we service many cities and towns, including Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Cleveland, Kingsport, Dalton, Hixson, Cookeville, Morristown, Ooltewah, and other neighborhoods nearby. Contact us today!

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